Judith Mkhabela, an inspirational potter from KwaZulu-Natal


  • T. Maggs University of Cape Town
  • V. Ward KwaZulu-Natal Museum


The Evangelical Lutheran Church's Art and Craft Centre at Rorke's Drift provided an enlightened environment for black artists during the apartheid years when they had few other opportunities. There is a growing literature on these achievements, but potter Judith Mkhabela, who benefited from this influence, has not yet been recognised in print, probably because she worked mainly at home. This paper documents, as far as we are able, the range of items, including the distinctive ceramic elephants, made by her and her associates, as well as some details about her life.



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Maggs, T., & Ward, V. (2011). Judith Mkhabela, an inspirational potter from KwaZulu-Natal. Southern African Humanities, 23, 151–171. Retrieved from https://sahumanities.org/index.php/sah/article/view/327




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